About us

Enchanted Tools was created in October 2021 by Jérôme Monceaux (multi-entrepreneur, co-founder of Aldebaran & creator of the Nao and Pepper robots) and Samuel Benveniste (PhD and former Director of the National Expertise Centre for Cognitive Stimulation).

The 50-strong team is made up of multidisciplinary specialists and is tackling three major challenges in robotics​

Manipulation oriented

Automated object capture: how to facilitate object capture by optimising its efficiency.

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Interface oriented

Interactions with untrained users: how to make sure that everyone can interact with the robot without any technical prerequisites.

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Navigation oriented

Automated navigation in semi-standardised spaces: how to make a robot move among a population in a defined area.

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By creating synthetic, interactive characters that question our perception of the world and of ourselves, Enchanted Tools also wishes to bring an emotional and artistic dimension to induce a feeling of marvel everywhere it goes. This alliance between usefulness and marvel is at the heart of our vision.

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Our actions must therefore be precise and efficient. This is a core objective of everything we do at Enchanted Tools : we want to make long, seemingly complex things fast and simple.

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This balance is our trademark : between today and tomorrow, between independence and collaboration, between commitment and well-being, between benevolence and exigency, we are always looking for this point of balance which is also necessary for our robots.

Our Team

50 dedicated people,  more than 300 years of experience!

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Our Great Partners

Promoting collective intelligence is of great importance to us, whether within our team or within an ecosystem that mixes players from different backgrounds (research centers, startups, NGOs ...).
We have already established several strategic partnerships in France and we want to help this ecosystem to make it evolve and grow at the European and worldwide levels.