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We're currently building a new "More Than Useful" species of interactive synthetic characters called Mirokaï.
First prototype will be revealed at the end of 2022.

Synthetic characters have always existed, but the evolution of current technologies offers our generation the opportunity to give them a new characteristic: the appearance of life.

The use of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Animation technologies open up the possibility for these characters to interact with us both on a semantic and an animal register, spontaneously mobilizing the whole body.

Questioning this relationship within an ethical and artistic framework allows us to better understand the trust that we can feel towards them. Beyond the fantasy of the demiurge, this could foreshadow a new relationship with technology by questioning our relationship with others and our relationship with their difference.

Our Founder

Leading expert in robotics and serial entrepreneur. Building on his extensive experience as former Executive VP of Aldebaran/Softbank Robotics and lead designer of Nao and Pepper.

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To achieve this ambitious goal, we need to count on the support of investors. We have already received

15 million € in funding to cover our first two years of design.


These funds are mainly dedicated to hire our wonderful team!